This update includes improvements to functions as listed below.
The exact changes may differ depending on your device model, country, and service provider.
To get the best from your device, please keep your device up to date and regularly check for software updates.

Galaxy Watch4 (SM-R870)

Build Number : R870XXU1HWH3
Android version : T(AndroidWear 5)
Release Date : 2023-09-04
Security patch level : 2023-07-01
One UI 5 Watch Upgrade

Watch faces and tiles

• Add watch faces and tiles more easily
A new vertical layout makes it easier to find the watch faces and tiles that are right for you.

• Check the battery level of all your devices
The new Battery tile lets you quickly check the battery level of your watch, phone, and Galaxy Buds.

• Improved Buds controller tile
You can now turn 360 audio on and off from the Buds controller tile if your Buds support 360 audio.

• Quick access to timers
You can start timers from the new Timer tile without opening the Timer app.

• Set an album or story as your watch face
Instead of just one picture, you can now make your watch face cycle between pictures in an album or story that you select. Your watch face will change to a different picture each time you turn on the watch screen.

Samsung Health

• Enhanced sleep coaching
A redesigned results screen makes it easier to understand how well you slept each night, and you can now check your habits and recommendations directly on your watch without having to reach for your phone.

• Automatically record cycling workouts
Samsung Health can now detect when you start cycling and record your workout automatically. You can also set whether to automatically map your cycling routes.

• Get heart rate guidance during running workouts
Your watch can provide personalized heart rate zones while you run to help you manage your exercise intensity.

• More accurate results for track runs
If you start running on a regular 400 meter track, your watch can recognize which lane you’re running in to give you more accurate results for laps and distances.

• Create your own exercise
Can’t find your exercise in the list of options? You can now create your own custom exercise that measures your distance, speed, route, and more.

Backup and restore

• Keep your watch data safe
Files and data from your watch are periodically backed up to your phone when it's connected to your watch. You can also save backups to Samsung Cloud. Your phone needs the latest version of the Smart Switch app to use this feature.

• Transfer your watch to a new phone
It's easier than ever to switch from one phone to another. You'll still have your watch faces and apps after transferring.

Control your phone

• More call controls
You now have more control over calls without touching your phone. You can adjust the call volume, mute sound, and press buttons on the keypad, all from your watch.

• Take pictures from your watch
Whenever the camera is open in Flex mode or Tent mode on your Galaxy Z Flip5 or Fold5, a camera icon will appear at the bottom of your watch face. Tap the icon to quickly access camera controls on your watch.

Additional changes

• Dictate text with the Home button
Just press and hold the Home button any time you're entering text with Samsung Keyboard to instantly switch to voice input.

• Let Bixby read your notifications
Bixby can read your notifications out loud if you have headphones connected to your watch. You can then tell Bixby what to do after the notification is finished being read. To use this feature, Bixby needs to be set as the default voice assistant for your watch.

• Use multiple timers at once
You can now have up to 20 timers running at the same time to help keep track of all your tasks.

• Share your medical info in an emergency
A button to access your medical info will appear automatically when a hard fall is detected or when you press the Home button 5 times to start the Emergency SOS feature.

• Device care
Check the status of your watch's battery, storage, and memory and immediately fix any problems to extend battery life and keep your watch running smoothly.

• Control your watch without touching it
Universal gestures let you control your watch without touching the screen or pressing a button. You can assign various actions to gestures such as shaking your wrist, making a fist, or pinching your fingers.

• Organize apps in folders
Create folders to keep your apps organized so you can find the apps you need quickly with less scrolling.

• Keep your watch safe
If you set a PIN or pattern on your watch, you’ll need to enter the PIN or pattern before you can set your watch after a factory reset. This prevents your watch from being used by someone else if it’s lost or stolen.

Some apps will need to be updated separately after your watch is upgraded.

Build Number : R870XXU1GWD6
Android version : R(AndroidWear 4)
Release Date : 2023-04-27
Security patch level : 2023-04-01
• Samsung Health
The application will be updated to the latest version.
• Improved system stability and reliability
The stability has been improved.

Build Number : R870XXU1GWB1
Android version : R(AndroidWear 11)
Release Date : 2023-02-09
Security patch level : 2023-01-01
• Stability and reliability
The stability has been improved.

Build Number : R870XXU1GWA3
Android version : R(AndroidWear 11)
Release Date : 2023-01-25
Security patch level : 2023-01-01
• New Camera Controller feature added
Change zoom on your phone camera remotely through pinching in or out on the screen, or through rotating the bezel.
※ This feature is only supported on flagship models released after Samsung Galaxy S20 or Z Flip running at least One UI 5.1.
• Samsung Members
A new “Connected device diagnostics” option has been added to check the proper performance of the Galaxy Watch's battery status, touch screen function, etc. on the connected phone.
※ Please update Samsung Members and Galaxy Wearable app to the latest versions for using the 'Connected device diagnostics' feature.
• Stability and reliability
The stability has been improved.

Build Number : R870XXU1GVK7
Android version : R(AndroidWear 11)
Release Date : 2022-12-06
Security patch level : 2022-11-01
• Watch Face
Newly designed Ball Watch face is added.
• Stability and reliability
Stability codes applied to improve notifications and device behavior.

Build Number : R870XXU1GVK4
Android version : R(AndroidWear 11)
Release Date : 2022-11-10
Security patch level : 2022-11-01
• Improved system stability and reliability
A power operation-related stabilization code has been applied.
※ As errors may occur during the update, please back up any important data before proceeding.
* How to back up : Galaxy Wearable - Watch settings - Account and backup - Back up data

Build Number : R870XXU1GVI3
Android version : R(AndroidWear 11)
Release Date : 2022-10-10
Security patch level : 2022-08-01
• Improved system stability and reliability
Stabilization codes for watch operation have been applied.

Build Number : R870XXU1GVH2
Android version : R(AndroidWear 11)
Release Date : 2022-09-05
Security patch level : 2022-08-01
• Watch Face
Enjoy new and improved watch faces with enriched style and customizable options.
- 6 new watch faces
  (Pebbles, Flower garden, Info Board, Pro analog, Kinetic digits, Gradient number)
- More customizable options added for existing watch faces
  (Dial, Indexes, Character, Color, Complication, Clock type)
- New complications have been added.
• Watch home screen
- Add watch faces as your favorite, make finding and changing watch face easier.
- Explore watch face list to add watch face as your favorite including new watch faces.
• Camera Controller
A feature that allows you to switch between photo and video shooting will be added.
※ Only Samsung flagship models after Galaxy S9 and Note9 with OneUI 4.1.1 or later are supported.
• Input characters
- You can input characters using the QWERTY keyboard and gestures. (Some languages are not supported)
- You can switch between different input mode (keyboard, voice input, and handwriting) during text entry
• Notifications
GIF animation playback of Samsung message notifications is supported.
• Phone, Contacts
When Watch is connected to dual SIM phone,
- The SIM icon used on the phone is displayed the same on the watch.
- If there is no preferred SIM set on the phone, it can select the SIM to make a call on the watch.
- It supports to make calls through other SIMs on the watch even if there is a preferred SIM set on the phone.
• Messages
- The input field is provided in the message threads.
- Through the input field, the recently used input mode is supported.
- Draft messages are kept in the input field.
• Alarm
“Date, alarm name, snooze” settings features are added.
• Voice recordings
Files recorded on the Watch are quickly saved to the connected phone.
• Settings
- Larger sizes for font size settings are supported.
• Accessibility
- Additional auxiliary features for “improving visibility” are supported.
- A “Left and right sound balance” control feature for “hearing aids” was added.
- A “Touch and hold delay” settings feature to aid “Interaction and dexterity” was added.
• Bixby
The “Quick commands” feature, which groups together and runs multiple actions in one command, is supported.

Build Number : R870XXU1FVD4
Android version : R(AndroidWear 11)
Release Date : 2022-05-04
Security patch level : 2022-05-01
• Improved system stability and reliability
Stabilization codes for watch operation have been applied.

Build Number : R870XXU1FVC8
Android version : R(AndroidWear 11)
Release Date : 2022-04-05
Security patch level : 2022-03-01
• Enhanced Samsung Health Function
• Improved system stability and reliability

Build Number : R870XXU1EVB4
Android version : R(AndroidWear 11)
Release Date : 2022-02-24
Security patch level : 2022-01-01
• Improved system stability and reliability

Build Number : R870XXU1EVA8
Android version : R(AndroidWear 11)
Release Date : 2022-02-09
Security patch level : 2022-01-01
• Live Wallpaper Watch face update with Galaxy S22's Wallpaper.
• New Watch faces have been added to match the new bands.
• More customization options, such as colors and clock fonts, have been added to existing Watch faces.
• Provides information on moisture loss and intake required after outdoor running exercises for body balance and exercise efficiency.
• Supports Interval Training for Running and Cycling Exercises. Make a more systematic exercise plan with Galaxy Watch!
• When you're done exercising, the Watch measures your heart rate recovery.
Check with the Galaxy Watch if your heart rate has recovered properly during your break.
• Now you can see your personalized workload when running. Check and adjust your workload in real time (This indicator shows % of VO2 Max value).
• Now you can see the heart rate and the calories measured on the Watch on your phone screen. Use this for safe cycling.
• Now you can set personal goals for your body composition analysis.
Set your personal goals and get tips and badges to achieve them.
• Provides tips and insights for body composition results (This feature is provided through a partnership with Centr: By Chris Hemsworth )
• Provides 8 types of personalized sleep coaching based on sleep data measured by the Watch.
• Create better sleeping habits with 4-5 weeks of coaching to match your sleep patterns!
※ Intended for general wellness purposes only. Provides sleep guidance for your personal reference only. Not intended for use in the detection, diagnosis, or treatment of any medical conditions or sleep disorders. Consult a medical professional for advice.
• When it detects that the user is asleep, SmartThings can set actions for smart devices to create a good sleeping environment.
• Orientation settings have been added to allow the Watch to be worn in the desired direction on the desired wrist. You can freely change the direction you wear your Watch through the Watch and the Galaxy Wearable app.
• Provides a wider variety of Bixby voice commands.
Your Bixby voice command can read notifications, reply back, and control the volume of media controls.
• If you connect your phone and Watch for the first time, the apps that you often use on your current phone and other Android devices are automatically installed on your Watch (Only if the selected app exists for the Watch).

※ The frequently used app list is provided based on the app list installed with the user's Google account.

• Get to know the various popular apps on the Play Store in the Galaxy Wearable App more easily and quickly.

Build Number : R870XXU1DUK1
Android version : R(AndroidWear 11)
Release Date : 2021-11-12
Security patch level : 2021-11-01
• Improved system stability and reliability

Build Number : R870XXU1DUJA
Android version : R(AndroidWear 11)
Release Date : 2021-10-20
Security patch level : 2021-11-01
• Watch faces
- Supports 4 types of new Watch faces.
- Together, AR Emoji, Bitmoji Watch face: Usability was improved.
- My Photo Watch face: Supports GIF files.
- Animal, Cute Character Watch face: Customization feature was improved.
- Supports the backup and restoration of the order of Watch faces and the changed settings of the preloaded Watch faces.
• Samsung Health
- An improved HR measurement accuracy algorithm was added.
- The sensitivity option in the Fall Detection feature was added.
• Gesture
- A new gesture that allows you to run apps or features immediately was added.
• Call
- Supports mute status (Icon, Mute/Unmute status) while talking on the phone.
• Improved system stability and reliability

Build Number : R870XXU1CUJ2
Android version : R(AndroidWear 11)
Release Date : 2021-10-08
Security patch level : 2021-08-01
• Improved system stability and reliability

Build Number : R870XXU1CUID
Android version : R(AndroidWear 11)
Release Date : 2021-09-29
Security patch level : 2021-08-01
• Improved system stability and reliability

Build Number : R870XXU1BUI5
Android version : R(AndroidWear 11)
Release Date : 2021-09-09
Security patch level : 2021-08-01
• Improved usability of the following applications or features: Touch bezel
• Improved system stability and reliability

Build Number : R870XXU1BUH9
Android version : R(AndroidWear 11)
Release Date : 2021-08-23
Security patch level : 2021-08-01
• Improved system stability and reliability